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Why A Strategic Advantage?

Leaders partner with us to develop career plans, speed job search, or advance their careers by articulating their brand, building a marketing plan, and setting actionable strategies.


Companies seek our customized coaching/training to upend disengagement, strengthen teams, and provide structured, expert outplacement for transitioning employees.


Career services professionals and organizations benefit from our thirst to stay on the cutting edge through training, mentoring, consulting, and customized curriculum.


Use the menu above to find a service that meets your needs or contact us to learn more. Stay connected through our monthly career and leadership insights.

Branding & Professional Career Documents

You won't have to worry about getting lost in a hand off or telling multiple staff your story. It's like having your own career "personal trainer." This is our promise of investment in you and your career success.


Marie has written thousands of resumes. Now, she works selectively with individuals to provide personalized services.


With advanced training in career coaching, job search strategy, branding, and professional resume writing, she offerrs comprehensive services.

Customized Job Alerts

You've been submitting your resume and trying to connect with hiring managers on LinkedIn, and getting no response. After asking for feedback from numerous friends and family, and maybe even a few experts, you are more confused than ever.


You can get better results -- with a resume and LinkedIn profile that articulate your brand while speaking to employer needs. Work exclusively with Marie Zimenoff, a Certified Brand Strategist and Nationally Certified Resume Writer, to create differentiating documents.


Achieving your goals will also take investment on your part in completing the exercises, stretching your comfort zone, and getting comfortable with sharing your accomplishments.


Branding packages include brand clarification activities/sessions and resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile development starting at $1297. Resume services start at $627 depending on your job target.


Does this sound like the advantage you've been looking for in your job search? Then upload your resume today to get started!

If your brand needs a little clarification, you might start with a few one-on-one sessions with Marie to pinpoint your target audience and brand strengths. Or, if you're clear on where you're headed, you can get started with transforming your resume and LinkedIn profile.


Marie spends 75-90 minutes with each client, gathering the stories of success most documents leave out. This process not only delivers excellent content, it builds your ability to articulate your experience, boosts confidence, and hones your focus.


"I absolutely love the LinkedIn profile, Marie. I’ve seen several hundred profiles and not one that looks remotely close to the format/style of this one you created." -- K.L., Sales Professional

"I am officially back in the land of the employed! I got a really good response from my resume, at one point I had 10 interviews in less than 2 weeks and had to turn down the 11th. Thank you for taking the time with me to get it right." -- L.R., Supply Chain Manager


Square Square

"Working with Marie has increased my confidence, and I am better able to communicate my skills and experience and see how they relate to my next potential career." -- K. D., Higher Education Director

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