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Why A Strategic Advantage?

Leaders partner with us to develop career plans, speed job search, or advance their careers by articulating their brand, building a marketing plan, and setting actionable strategies.


Companies seek our customized coaching/training to upend disengagement, strengthen teams, and provide structured, expert outplacement for transitioning employees.


Career services professionals and organizations benefit from our thirst to stay on the cutting edge through training, mentoring, consulting, and customized curriculum.


Use the menu above to find a service that meets your needs or contact us to learn more. Stay connected through our monthly career and leadership insights.

Business Services

Leaders in business are looking for fresh approaches to developing themselves and their people.


Trainer Marie Zimenoff is sought out by organizations for her experiential approach and innovation in tackling leadership development, employee engagement, talent development, career management, and outplacement.


Marie and her team partner with your leaders to design customized training and tools these leaders can start using tomorrow. Contact us to set up a consultation to start designing your workshop and resources today.

Resources for HR Pros

Workshops & Resources

Wise leaders know that talent is the company's best asset. And, in an inevitable shift in business, you want to take care of them and your reputation in the market.


A Strategic Advantage outplacement services are a customized, individual altenative to the  national firms. We have a three-step process which can expand or contract to meet the needs of the company and its people.


We offer services from certified counselors, coaches, and resume writers for the same investment as the big firms (or maybe even less). Lean more about our outplacement process.


You pride yourself as a leader for your ability to set the vision and design a plan. You also know that successful implementation means getting your team on board and keeping them on track.


Working one-on-one, we'll refine your skills in building lasting relationships and influencing change. We have tools, sure, but more importantly we guide you in integrating them into your style  


Are you ready to take your leadership to the next level, welcome conflict, and communicate the value of others and yourself? Learn more about how we can be your guide.

Leadership Coaching

When a company hires someone and realizes they're not a good fit, or continues to see star employees leaking out the door, some part of the root cause is internal.


Together, we can develop strategies to hire right the first time more often and retain your top talent. As a partner for your HR or hiring team, we'll help uncover causes and provide tools to design or shore up processes.


If your business is starting to feel like a revolving door, don't write it off to the new economy. Learn more about how we can partner in closing it.

Talent Management


The research is clear - nearly 60% of your employees are ready to leave or have checked out in their chairs. An even higher percentage would entertain an opportunity with another company should they call.


Tapping into the creative, productive "flow" of your employees doesn't have to be rocket science for your business and its leaders. Through our strengths-based tools it can be a repeatable process for every manager.


You can stop the flood gates, increase productivity, and improve customer service. Learn more about our workshops, mastermind groups, and one-on-one training with managers.

Employee Engagement

You're new team is not coming together or an old team has become stuck in their ways, and there's no denying it any more. Productivity is down, people have their own agenda, and trust is just a dream.


We go beyond an assessment-driven approach to help leaders create a team vision and mission. With a strengths lense, we align individuals with roles that increase productivity and create a common language.


Teams often don't feel they have the luxury to focus on development. When the pain of misfires and missed deliverables gets unbearable, they call us. You don't have to wait.  

Team Development


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Master of Education, Counseling and Career Development

Colorado State University


Certified Career Management Coach


Certified Executive & Leadership Devopment Coach

Nationally Certified Resume Writer


Certified Personal Brand Strategist

Past President, The National Resume Writers' Association


Past President, Colorado Career Development Association