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Why A Strategic Advantage?

Leaders partner with us to develop career plans, speed job search, or advance their careers by articulating their brand, building a marketing plan, and setting actionable strategies.


Companies seek our customized coaching/training to upend disengagement, strengthen teams, and provide structured, expert outplacement for transitioning employees.


Career services professionals and organizations benefit from our thirst to stay on the cutting edge through training, mentoring, consulting, and customized curriculum.


Use the menu above to find a service that meets your needs or contact us to learn more. Stay connected through our monthly career and leadership insights.

Individual Services

It's not your father's job search. You know you need to approach it differently, but you're overwhelmed. There are so many channels you can use for your search, and yet it seems there aren't any openings.


A Strategic Advantage takes a holistic approach to job search, working with each client to evaluate the many possible strategies and create a plan that works for them. Then, we serve as your coach in achieving these goals.


Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results isn't a plan. We can help stop the insanity and take calculated steps we know are effective for professionals like you.

Customized Job Alerts

The employment landscape has changed. You know you need to be thinking differently and taking proactive steps, but you're not sure what the next step looks like or how you'll fit in the evolving economy.


Career change today requires more than introspective discovery of who you are and what you want to do. This knowledge has to be paired with market knowledge and a tool set that will help you navigate the new workforce.


We work one-on-one with professionals who are looking for an actionable strategy for career change, focusing on strengths and creating a plan for gaining market knowledge. Learn more about our structured process.

You pride yourself as a leader for your ability to set the vision and design a plan. You also know that successful implementation means getting your team on board and keeping them on track.


Working one-on-one, we'll refine your skills in building lasting relationships and influencing change. We have tools, sure, but more importantly we guide you in integrating them into your style  


Are you ready to take your leadership to the next level, welcome conflict, and communicate the value of others and yourself? Learn more about how we can be your guide.

Leadership Coaching

As the competition in the workforce increases, professionals will increasingly need to be able to communicate their unique value. That is where the mystical process of personal or professional branding comes in.


We take the mystery out of the branding process through a step-by-step plan to help capture your brand in your words. The key -- great listening skills. Lucky for you, that's our specialty.


If you've been looking for the words to describe how you're the best candidate or service provider, we'd love to help. Discover how we can work together to clarify and communicate your brand.


"I absolutely love the LinkedIn profile, Marie. I’ve seen several hundred profiles and not one that looks remotely close to the format/style of this one you created." -- K.L., Sales Professional

"I am officially back in the land of the employed! I got a really good response from my resume, at one point I had 10 interviews in less than 2 weeks and had to turn down the 11th. Thank you for taking the time with me to get it right." -- L.R., Supply Chain Manager

Life was much easier when there was a ladder to climb. Today, we have the burden and the opportunity to build our own ladder - - knowing where we want to go and figuring out how to get there.


If you want to see this as an opportunity, there are many doors to be opened. Knowing what you want can help you determine what door to open, and mastering the skills that make you a star employee is the key.


The puzzle pieces can appear to fit when the don't if we're not looking at the bigger picture. Learn more about partnering with us to clarify where you want to go and identify any skill gaps that might be standing in your way.

Career Advancement

Although not everyone needs to be an entreprenuer, the current market provides great opportunity for consulting, buying in to a franchise, or starting a business of your own.


The reasons for stepping out on your own are as plentiful as the types of businesses you might start. Being successful means truthfully evaluating these motivators, your skills, and your market.


Together, we can walk through this evaluation. We can identify your core business, your target market, and a business/marketing plan. Will going out on your own work for you? Lets find out.

Stepping Out


Master of Education, Counseling and Career Development

Colorado State University


Certified Career Management Coach


Certified Executive & Leadership Devopment Coach


Master Resume Writer


Certified Personal Brand Strategist

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"Working with Marie has increased my confidence, and I am better able to communicate my skills and experience and see how they relate to my next potential career." -- K. D., Higher Education Director

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Past President, Colorado Career Development Association


Past President, The National Resume Writers' Association